Bob Stonehill

Bob-StonehillBob is a multi-talented individual whose achievements include voice-over artist, vocalist, musician, artist, author, lecturer, and businessman. He grew up in Philly and after a number of years as a vocalist fronting numerous rock bands he had a solo career and was a signed recording artist for RCA. He gave up the music career deciding to focus instead raising his daughter as a single dad (or DaddyMommie as he refers to it). Currently, he is the VP of Operations for a local manufacturing company with a worldwide presence.

Bob has also written an ebook which is available on entitled “Constructive Culture, The Forgotten Business Metric”. Bob is rather unconventional as a business leader as you could imagine, and is very passionate about motivating his workforce and dealing with positive change. Bob has lectured at Vanderbilt School of Engineering Management and most recently the Printing Industries of America convention during the summer of 2014.

Coming from an artistic family, both parents met in college as art students. Bob’s father went into the advertising field and mom is still an avid fine artist (and ballroom dancer) at the age of 91! Bob began working on abstract design and devised a new medium for prints he made that won him an Honorable Mention in the Bucks County Art Alliance in Pennsylvania in his very first juried show! Bob’s work now consists of primarily taking vintage or antique items and repurposing them into modern art.

These works on display are Giclée prints digitally reproduced from original three dimensional art and the results are museum quality renderings. The reactions have ranged from “Amazing”, “A masterpiece”, “This should be in a museum”, and “Is that a painting?”. Here’s an opportunity to have your very own design.